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Welcome to Jikimu Supplies Limited Website

JIKIMU SUPPLIES LIMITED is one of the leading General Supplies company in incorporated under the Companies Act (Chapter 486 Laws of Kenya).

We deliver a diverse full scope of general supplies of varying sizes and forms. We operate as the principal contractor or a partner of a joint venture for projects both in the private and public sector with an extensive client base ranging from Government organizations, International organization and private sectors.


1. An ability to solve problems immediately should they arise. our team clearly understand and thrive on technical challenges, even under inhospitable conditions.
2. A professional, courteous and safe approach, particularly on sites where any public services are affected.
3. We rely on our own resources including a full fleet of small and heavy plant and equipment, that is regularly upgraded and fully maintained by our technical personnel.
4. The determination and inherent flexibility to get all works completed by following a well planned schedule of works, mobilizing equipment without delays, delivering materials on time and monitoring progress closely.

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